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1st January 2010

Halfway up the stairs

Alfie likes to lie in the doorway between the kitchen and “his” bedroom, during the day. The breezes come through the rooms and he chills out. Jake lies under the aircon, pointing at it with his paw till we take pity on him and put it on…..Molly lies near Alfie coz she adores him – and can escape outside to bark easily! Charlie cat likes to lie halfway up the wooden staircase, leading to his room, so he can mouth “yum yum” to me when he’s hungry (yes, really!)…..
Its SO very hot, I just like to lie down somewhere cold and the pool doesn’t cut it coz the water is warm. Tony just likes to lie: he says he doesn’t feel the heat and its “fine”……

The guests arriving in the many villas in Coral Bay and Peyia, tomorrow, will just lie down and chill, bathe, ring us to bring them stuff and lie down some more – which is why we are here!

I think Charlie has the right idea though: cool spot, just in eyeline and food /drink on demand. Think I’ll have my holiday “halfway up the stairs”!

Category: Cyprus Villas News