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1st January 2010

Half full or half empty Sir?

Armani Smith is a very positive man: he is the sort of man you need to have around you when you need:

– inspiration

– humour

– creativity

– just about anything!

We’re having a fantastic time with TwoSheds and Armani: Jennie has been helping me with checkins and general care of the guests in the villas and David has been helping me laugh my socks off, totally innocently, at his wit and, er, completely daft ways!!

Take last night: we were sat happily at the dining table having a lovely meal, (fish in ginger and Baileys, cooked by Tony who is an excellent chef) – and just generally having a good time.

I noticed David lifting up his wine glass and holding to his nose appreciately before taking a (seemingly) much longed for sip of the red nectar.

Except that the glass was empty. It was his water glass and the wine was in the glass next to it!

So, I either don’t wash glasses properly and they build up the fragrances of the previously held liquids – or David has lost the plot!

Probably six of one and half a dozen of the other – but it was VERY funny!

Category: Cyprus Villas News