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1st January 2010

Hair today, man tomorrow

What a wonderfully, crazy village we live in, here in Peyia! I went to Jaimies hair salon late yesterday to get a “trendy trim” and colour in honour of todays cup final (got to look my best: might be on the telly!) – and sat next to me, was a man we know………….

Yes, the salon is a unisex one but I had to smile to myself when this man, a friend of ours who is one of the nicest people you could ever meet, was having his hair extensions put in – and I mean extensions: we are talking blond flowing ringlets – when I was getting my hair cut!

Our friend, now in his 50s, has a penchant for dressing as a woman. Which is fine, his wife accepts it and the villagers are well used to – but, at 6’4″, it still makes me smile to see such an obviously male, fairly well built man, dressed in very attractive female clothing with better coiffed hair than most of we females in the area!

And his nails, extended and manicured to perfection, put mine to shame – and I’d kill to have his shoe collection, though obviously in a size 5 , not 13!!

Probably the craziest thing is how much we all just took the proceedings as entirely normal and hardly batted an eyelid – except for our friend, who was struggling with his new extended false eyelashes and choice of eye shadow !

C’est la vie!

Category: Cyprus Villas News