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1st January 2010

Hair today, gone, well , later in the afternoon actually!

Molly and Jake went to the doggy barbers today: they both needed a good haircut. Mollys curls were a little too curly and Jake was just, well, Jake: scraggy, hairy and totally naughty, so we thought a good old pamper would sort him out.

Alfie came to the office for the day whilst his sister and brother were washed and trimmed – and he enjoyed every second of it!

Linda and Stewart Morris, lovely people who are staying in Sirtakis Villa, called into the office and recognised Alfie from his photo on the website. Alfie was delighted! Okay, he was snoring but I was delighted for him! He’s the sort of fantastic animal who deserves to be famous – and it seems he’s getting that way.

Molly returned first, looking cute as a button but, once she’d greeted Alfie with a whole lot of tail wagging (both) and kisses (her to him), she began to rub her newly styled hair on the settee in the office until she was back to looking “lived in”.

Jake followed an hour later.

He looks totally fantastic: his markings are showing; his tail proudly curled; he smelt gorgeous and his expressive eyes were on show for all to see – then he poohed in the back of Tonys truck and sat in it! Great! He’d only finished his pamper less than 15 minutes earlier!!

Tony cleaned the truck while I cuddled and chatted to the animals in the office. Jake wasn’t impressed and passed wind a lot in the confines of the newly refurbished and erstwhile posh, cyprusvillas office!

Still, they are home now: they each look lovely and the windows of the shop have been left open for the night, so all is well in Peyia, Coral Bay, paradise!

Samson lost his strength when his hair was cut: I suppose Jake losing a few fragrant offerings is nothing in the big scheme of things!


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