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1st January 2010

Hair today, bikini tomorrow

What a funny village this is! I’ve just been going about my normal business and have met with, whilst buying my vegetables, a man who prefers to dress as a woman and had just returned from having his hair done – and a woman who prefers to shop wearing her bikini,even though she was shopping in a village supermarket where the locals still follow strict traditions and mostly wear black!

The locals don’t turn a hair at these sights but I’m embarrassed to say that I was, well , embarrassed!

I mean, if you’re going to buy your fruit and veg, is it too much to ask that the man next to you keeps his own fruit and veg out of sight and not esconced in a floral miniskirt?

Or that the tourist next to you, covers up her ample sweating flesh with a little more than a thing-thong and tringular nipple cover?…..

Maybe I’m getting old!

Was going to go to the fresh fish shop for some SeaBass but dont think I’ll dare now: though, what else could possibly be on show that I haven’t already had to contend with? A Whitby Kipper?!

Happy Days