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1st January 2010

Hair raising!

The day started with us discovering Molly asleep on our bed, wearing a very large velcro roller in her cheek and ear! She looked very funny and refused to let us take it out, so sbe was obviously going somewhere later and wanted to look her best!

Best was far from how Mum and I looked at luchtime: coming from the hospital we got caught in the heavy storm and were completely drenched! We were going to start (!) our xmas shopping, so had to do so looking terrible. You need to have been here to ubderstand what a sin it is to be female and in a store, not looking your best. The Cypriot ladies always look glamorous and dress to shop. Our version was definitely dress to look like something has dropped on you!

Still shopping is done – we’ve even got sprouts, so all is well

Except that I’m in a pot for another 4 weeks and cannot wash my hair without help – and am too stubborn to ask for help! Maybe i’ll take shampoo with me tomorrow for when it rains again…………

Category: Cyprus Villas News