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1st January 2010

Hair of the dogs…..

Alfie, Molly and Jake are getting their hair cut today. Alfie and Molly are already settled down at Coral Bay with their normal friendly crimpers – and Jake has been to have the staples out of his parts !Ouch!

We are just waiting for a call to go and collect the twosome, then Jake will be delivered into the hands of these brave animal hairdressers – and I don’t know who I feel more sorry for: them or Jake. He hasn’t exactly had the best of mornings so far!

Todays teddy bears floating in the pool, count , was only one. Jake obviously had a bad night and slept most of it away – on tonys flower bed! The quilt in the downstairs bedroom has only suffered minor “destuffing” damage from this lollopy big puppy – and Alfie, Molly, Tiff and Charlie stayed with us so they were safe.

The vet advises us that Jake may take a little time settling down……….really?! We’re thinking 6 or 7 years but she is suggesting a couple of months (which, in real terms, translates to approx 8 flower beds; 12 teddies; 4 quilts, numerous footballs and too many pairs of shoes to mention. Still, it could be worse: he might have fancied my brandy or chocolate and stolen them……….no! I’d have won that fight with him!

Half term is in full swing here – with the arrivals today/tomorrow and Sunday of approx 44 people, filling 12 of the villas in Coral Bay. Thankfully the sun is shining and the weather totally gorgeous, so they’ll all have the holiday they seek, at least weatherwise We’ve a very busy weekend and week ahead before November sneaks in and we begin with the pre Christmas holiday makers arrivals.

I’m off to UK for a few days work next week – must remember to try to hide as many shoes and soft toys as I can before I go: and to apologise to Alfie and Molly for leaving them with Jake!

Maybe his haircut will work? It certainly did the trick for Samson!

Category: Cyprus Villas News