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7th April 2012

Hair of the Dog

What a day! Our dogs have all been to the dog groomers to be ‘done’. Luckily, Julie who ‘does’, works with Anni and Nicolas so we knew that the doggies were in great hands in every sense with three lovely people watching over them

Molly, despite being a tomboy whose knots were very strong, came out within an hour and looks tiny and cute. Alfie is ‘The Man’ and is parading around looking like he is the king of the world, proud of his new haircut and looking very handsome, despite a huge hole in his side……..

Jake ………..had to be sedated coz he was SO very scared (well , he;s only 70 kilos and the world is a big frightening). He looks gorgeous but still hasn’t regained the use of his long back legs which keep splaying out under him in opposite directions, much to his disbelief and our amusement. Poor puppy!

Tonight, the house smells so much better. all I need now is to get Tony and I washed and we’ll be the most fragrant family in Peyia! Charlie always smells lovely so he is fine.

Course, I’ve made a curry which defeats the pleasant atmosphere in the house somewhat but hey, ho, life and cooking roll on………….

Category: Cyprus Villas News