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20th August 2016

GUT and GAL.

photo tony and I very youngTony and I are very much looking forward to seeing one of our nieces, Jessica and her gorgeous family, who arrive this evening . They are staying with us for a fortnight, so I suspect there will be a whole lot of fun with the children, in the pool and the sea. Lily and Max, 8 and 5, have been to Cyprus before though they stayed in a villa because they were small and Barney T Rubble was big! Now 3, Barney is a quieter dog , though still as large and the children are not so quiet but old enough to understand now to torment Barney or Molly.
I hope!

While getting things ready at home last night, for their arrival, I was thinking how time rushes by. I cannot believe that each of my sisters are now grandparents and that my Mum and Dad are great grandparents! It’s wonderful and completely scary too (especially for the great grandchildren whose great grandparents are nothing if not ‘unique’!).

Tony is Great Uncle Tony and I’m, Great Aunty Lynn – GUT & GAL! We love being Uncle and Aunt but being GREAT uncle and aunt, is even more special! Our nieces and nephews love it to, coz they know we’re (almost) mature enough to babysit and definitely willing enough to play! We just get tired, quicker but that comes with the territory, doesn’t it?

I found a photo of us , from over 30 years ago, and will keep it close when the old bones play up so we can remember having more energy!

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