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1st January 2010

GUT and GAL strike again!

Tony and I became Great Uncle Tony and Great Aunty Lynn again last night. Jessica, our beautiful neice and daughter of my middle sister, Maxine, gave birth to Max, 9lbs and 9oz of bouncing , healthy baby boy. Only 4 weeks earlier, Jessicas brother Ben and his wife, sarah, had Samuel – who was born looking the absolute double of Ben!

All babies and parents are doing well, thank god and our family has grown by two more precious little souls.
Lily May, who is now the BIG sister of Max, is thrilled to bits. Soon to be 5, Lily will be a tremendous ‘help’ to her mummy. Lily, like most 4 soon to be 5 year olds, is blessed with ‘knowing everything’ and will be able to keep everyone right!

The only sadness is that we are so very far away from the babies who are in the Winchester area of the UK. Just checking the flights now……

Happy Days! xx

Category: Cyprus Villas News