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1st January 2010

guardian angels?……

There just could be guardian angels around………….in the early hours of Monday morning, a family coming to one of our villas in Coral Bay, had a terrible accident on the motorway between Limassol and Paphos. Having landed at 1am Monday morning, they were travelling from Larnaca airport to Coral Bay – and the weather was awful. We’d had storms for 3 days and the rain was lashing down during their journey.

Just outside of Limassol, their vehicle hit water on the road and skidded, turning and turning before going backwards through the crash barrier into the on going traffic then landing in the trees at the roadside. With cases and clothing scattered on the roads, the 8 in the vehicle got out, miraculously, virtually unhurt. One lady has broken ribs and bruising and one of the gentlemen, cut his arm badly but thank god, other than being badly shaken up, they were alive and able to walk away from this awful accident……..

With a family wedding to attend on Friday, here in Peyia, they’ve travelled a long way from the UK to get to the celebration and its very sad that they’ve suffered in the process – but very good that they are here to tell the tale…..

Something special was watching over them early hours of Monday – of that, I’ve no doubt at all.

Category: Cyprus Villas News