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11th August 2017

Grumpy Old Men!

Oh, I loved the article in the Daily Mail today about a wife complaining that she’d holidayed with her husband – who turned into Victor Meldrew!

Sadly, yes, it seems to happen to them all! Welcoming the villa guests, it’s amazing how the most beautiful/happy and friendly ladies seem to have a ”Grump” in tow – and the ”grumps” even outdo the many ”teenage kevins”’ in the family too!

Maybe it’s being away from ”being in charge”, which causes older men (ie north of 45), to transform into a grisly bear – or just maybe they like being ”in a mood” and ”difficult”. I swear my husband could make Grumpiness an Olympic Sport – and win!

Am feeling a little better today: our fairy god daughters arrived last night and ”spragged” on their wonderful dad (and one of our best friends), Bill. Apparently, since he retired at the tender age of 60, he had become more grumpy!

Interestingly, the same men, my husband included, turn into charming, attentive gentlemen when faced with an attractive, younger woman! My Hubs can change in an instant!

Of course, the worrying commonality in this , seems to be us wives! Not that we are ever grumpy or give our husbands cause to be anything other than delighted with their lot LOL!

This is why we drink – or maybe that’s just me!

For villas with pools too wet for grumpy men and apartments in locations which will cause them difficulties in parking (!), email to

The photo below is of the least grumpy male I know – Barney T Rubble – with his very charming and totally helpful and loving pal, Mike x

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