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1st January 2010

Grumpy old men? Surely not?!

So here I am, dressed up and waiting to go out to lunch. Correction, waiting to take Tony and Charly out to lunch. Only Charly isn’t here – and Tony may as well not be coz he’s in a bad mood and doesn’t want to talk….

Where is Charly? At his villa unpacking boxes of lights, bought yesterday and not liked today…. for very practical reasons. But its very difficult to recall a villas lights makeup when you aren’t standing in it – as I know well coz of my mistakes!

And why is Tony unhappy? Well, a little because of the lights ie they were chosen without him; a lot because he needs petrol and doesn’t want to “fill up” on the way to the restaurant, (apparently, its a total waste of time……) and mainly because Middlesbrough FC are playing this afternoon and the match is on the box, so Tony wants to be back to watch the game.

Course, its all Chris’ fault: who is Chris? Well, he is the invisible dog trainer who keeps promising to turn at x hour to train Jake (and Tony and I today), and doesn’t turn up…… we all wasted 2 hours this morning waiting, which has delayed Charly and annoyed Tony!

Still, there are Yorkshire Puddings to look forward to!

And, as its Sunday, I can pray Middlesbrough win so things get a little brighter!

Happy days!

ps We’re just back from a great lunch at Archontariki, Middlesbrough played badly but Tony and Charly were good company – so I apologise for calling them “old”…….

(and I’m a nagging wife anyway, so what right have I got to comment on men?!)

Category: Cyprus Villas News