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1st January 2010

Grown up clothes!

Tony has gone to the office looking very smart today. Not that he doesnt normally but yesterday and today, he’s been extra smart!

The occasion? Well,its our annual pool cleaning training course. For the benefit of our owners, for whom we rent the villas direct to holiday makers , we aspire to be the best at every service we provide – and one of the key ones is pool cleaning. Last year, we became the first and remain the only company in Cyprus, who are trained to clean pools to EU standards, holding the NSPF CPO pool cleaning certificate.

So why be smartly dressed, you ask? Well, we were honoured yesterday, that one of the government officials on the island, whose responsibility is health and safety, not only sent to delegates to join our course but also turned up personally to observe the course. Tony felt that he (Tony) should be “flying the flag” so got dressed up in long trousers and posh, smart shirt and tie.

Today , he’s done the same.

Yesterday, the delegates were all in shorts and T shirts – as was the official. Today, I bet they are all “togged up” and following Tonys lead…………

or at least I hope they are coz my husband wasn’t too happy about being the only smart one in the room! (he hasnt worn long trousers for years! Its far too hot!).

Still, he can always jump into his (very clean) pool when he gets home – and will probably do so fully clothed coz he’ll be boiling!

Category: Cyprus Villas News