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27th July 2016

Grounded for a while!

As the heat in Cyprus, gets more stifling with every day that passes. we’re all feeling it and having to resort to , eg swimming more ; drinking more water and taking hydratioin tablets to ensure we are work through the day to help our customers.

For the animals living in the heat, it’s so very hard. Those who are feral, are finding relief from the heat where they can – and , with luck, being helped by more and more humans who can see and empathise with their plight.

Animals lucky enough to ‘own’ humans, like Barney T Rubble and his ‘big’ sister, Molly Mou, they have the luxury of living in 24/7 aircon and being pampered EVEN more than normal – but sadly, the heat has taken it’s toll on Barney and he has developed a cough DUE to living under the aircon!

Having talked to the lovely Nikolas, our vet who owns and operates “onlyvets” in Peyia, Barney now has bullet size antibiotics and has to take 3 of these in total per day.

I’ve just broken the news to Barney: no rushing around, no wind bathing in case it affects his ears, no ‘womanising’ in case he spreads germs – and no mucky beer until he has finished his antibiotics! For now, Molly is back in , “Big Charge” and Barney has to resort to resting and letting his body heal.

Listening in the background, during this lecture, was Tony. Now he and Barney T Rubble are happily asleep under the a/c in the lounge, taking ‘their’ rules very seriously, as Molly and I do the preparations for the arrival of our fairy god daughter later this evening.

Being grounded and being happy? It’s a man thing!

If you’d like to be ‘grounded’ in a lovely villa with private pool in the September sunshine, email to us for last available offers on

photo barney in bed today

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