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1st January 2010


I’ve been meeting arrivals all night. Tons of them. All different nationalities; party sizes – and many who’d brought more people with them than they had booked for. One party, who had booked a three bedroomed villa in Coral Bay, sleeping 6, turned up with 30 of them! And they were here for a wedding which I was supposed to have booked but haven’t!

The French family I met, spoke only Chinese and the family who’d just had a baby, turned out to have had 8 babies due to fertility treatment – and needed 6 more cots than I had provided!……

Thankfully, Charlie kitten then jumped on the back wall of our home with two of his friends and began to sing loudly, waking me up and ensuring my brain kicked into coherent gear, sending my far-too-high blood pressure control system, a message that I had been dreaming and all was well in Cyprus paradise!

Have had to get up, make a strong cup of tea and let the residue of the dreams and night time gremlins go off to rest till the next time.

Cannot even blame the local wine: went to bed quietly, soberly, early and totally at peace with the universe – then have dreamt for Cyprus, so to speak!

Anyway, am up nice and early (5am!),so at least I’ll beat the shopping rush first thing so can whip into town and pick up a couple more travel cots……just in case!

Happy dreams……

Category: Cyprus Villas News