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1st January 2010

Green Monday but no blues in sight!

Its Green Monday bank holiday here in not so sunny cyprus. The skies are heavy, seas crashing against the shores and the heavens keep opening but nothing can spoil the feeling in our home on the Peyia hillside today.

Having gone to collect Alfie from Nicolas and Ani this morning, after his daily loving care visit/bandage and clean up, Nicolas tells me there is “improvement” and that Alfie is “going in the right direction”…..

Happy? You have NO idea! We’ve almost given up a few times lately but Alfie never has – and thank god, neither have our wonderful vets. I know there is a long road ahead but we’re all travelling it together, strengthened by the love and support of our family and friends………

..and to those who have suggested to us that, he is only a dog, may I say , he’s not: He is OUR dog. He is ALFIEDOG and he is the most precious dog who has ever lived. We owe him xx

Category: Cyprus Villas News