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1st January 2010

Great memories, wonderful people

Yesterday, Tony and I went into Paphos to meet Thelma and Jim, friends of ours for nearly 30 years. We met them in Limassol years ago, when they were the age we are now and we thought they were ancient! Thelma celebrates her 80th birthday on Monday and is just wonderful! We raised a glass to her, to my beautiful sister Maxine whose birthday it was yesterday and to friendship
Now, we’re just off to meet Val and Bob, friends from the same era who we also met in Limassol at the hotel which had what we nicknamed, The September Club. Val and Bob now holiday every year in Coral Bay so we get to see them too – and compare wrinkles!
Today is also the birthday of my beautiful nanna, who passed away 26 years ago but lives in my heart, singing to me when I’m down and dancing in my dreams, to make me laugh and smile. Maxine, Nanna and I always celebrated our birthdays together (mine is tomorrow) so this time of year is so very special to max and I and I wish we could be together – though Max has just become a granny for the second time and wouldnt’ live Samuel, the baby, to come here – and who can blame her!

I’ll raise a couple of glasses tonight: to wonderful family memories; great friends and many good times ahead. Its just to special to have a moment to acknowledge them and people to share the memories with


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