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1st January 2010

Gorilla tactics

Jake loves teddy bears: any size, shape or colour, he absolutely delights in running around the pool of our home in the village of Peyia, with a long suffering teddy bear in his mouth.

The Akita breed, of which Jake is a “one”, are bred to hunt bears: in Jakes totally mixed up way, he’s remembered this but translated it as being teddy bears – and that they are not to be damaged!

Most of the (many) bears in our home, have had their trips around the pool . Some have ended up with impromptu swimming lessons; one or two have been rescued by Molly or Alfie and brought back to the house and safety.

There is one bear in the house which Jake knows he must never touch: well, not a bear exactly; its my very hairy gorilla who sits proudly on our linen basket in our bathroom , guarding the world. Tony bought said gorilla, years ago for me on a Valentines Day – and I love this thing!

This morning, Jake was on best behaviour. He was sat at our bedroom door, gently knocking to be allowed in (Alfie had already broken in and he and Molly were snoozing). Jake wanted to join us but wasn’t going to cause a scene. This is very unusual: he normally storms in, ignoring closed doors.

I was just about to take pity on him when I noticed the gorilla was missing…….opening the door, I asked a very sheepish Jake, where the monkey was and, I swear to you, he laughed and ran away! The first place to check is the pool terrace – but no monkey business there! The rest of the house was searched thoroughly (I thought ) and still no gorilla…….. I was getting frustrated and Jake was having a ball, following me around, almost going , “you’re getting hotter/colder”…, when I remembered that Jake had, last night, climbed into the downstairs bed when we’d been out checking in guests in villas in Coral Bay.

Going to the room, I pulled the quilt back and there was the gorilla, tucked in the covers! Not a hair out of place either. I picked it up and turned to talk to Jake, who fled in his silly puppy-jumping manner, outside to hide.

He is now sitting by a palm, thinking we cannot see him but he’s the size of a small horse and the palm isn’t, so he’s on full show. I’ll pretend he’s invisible and sneak up on him in a while.

Dogs aren’t daft – and this puppy certainly knows how to press our buttons!