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1st January 2010

Goodwill to all men……….

Goodwill to all men?

Well, maybe……..except men who fix satellite dishes and their LNB signals – or claim they will then turn up, take your money, make the signal worse then not come back!

And to those who sit with their wives in clothes shops and laugh at you when you come out of the changing room proudly showing a new skirt to your husband, only to see you’ve tucked the back of your skirt into your drawers by accident!

And especially not to men with gas , (heating sort – though you’ve got a point about the other sort too!). Men with heating gas supplies should be MADE to deliver when they say they will! Or Else!!

And, as for men to whom you are related who beg you to darn a jumper (darn? Who darns these days?), then complain bitterly when your darning doesn’t come up to scratch, well, I’ll give them “good will” alright!

Having a bad day, moi?

YES! Don’t ask!

Am off to do a check in for a lovely family who are staying in a villa in Coral Bay. Now where did I put my sense of humour?……