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1st January 2010

Good toes , naughty toes

I’ve had a wonderful evening in Peyia at the home of our neighbours. They’ve only lived here a few months, attracted to Cyprus by the reality of family friendly places, great education, lovely weather and kindness …….but they hadn’t found a babysitter yet. Which is where I came in!

Milly is 4 and very interested in being either a princess or a ballerina: preferably both but she also has to have a pony. Her cousin, only 18months old, just wanted to have a cuddle and her bottle, so that bit was easy.

Whilst Millys big brother played on his computer and after the baby was safely tucked up in bed, Milly and I danced – sort of!

Milly taught me her ballet steps – good toes, naughty toes – and I showed Milly how to do the Cha Cha Cha using the floor tiles as makeshift learning points for her .

Mummy and Daddy had a fab time in Paphos, enjoying an Indian at one of the many restaurants in the tourist area then hitting Bar Street: the place where “it” all happens after 11pm!

Tony was in the pub in Peyia watching the match with his fellow expert referees and the animals were cosy at home – so Milly and I cha-cha-cha’d to our hearts content!

When our feet were tired, we ready her books – every fairytale you can imagine and more besides. It was lovely.

Some experiences happen once in a lifetime; some places, like Cyprus, leave a longing in your heart………the best pleasures are those like spending a night with a child and remembering the music you hear before the grownup baggage you carry!

Thanks Milly! I’m so happy you came to live near us in Peyia, Coral Bay. I look forward to the next dance!

Category: Cyprus Villas News