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1st January 2010

Good news and not so good news….

Molly Mou has had a good weekend, finding her voice, loving chicken soup and enjoying the attention she’s been getting, albeit still from her sick bed

This morning though, having woken me up for cuddles 4 times during the night, she didn’t seem too well so I took her to the vets.

Annie, the vet, confirmed my fears: Molly has a serious infection in her wounds and is a little unwell again – so she’s back “in coc” so to speak. I felt awful leaving her again but I know Annie loves her and she loves Annie, so I have to thank god for Annie and trust her instincts and loving care. Molly looked sad but sweet in her little “collar” which is meant to stop her pulling sutures out!

Tomorrow is another day and we’re praying Molly will be strong again and be ready to come home, even if just overnight. Alfie also has to go to the vet on Wed, so they can go together…..

Jake is quiet and very loving. He knows something has happened and its serious but doesn’t quite understand what…..which we all felt the same!

On a brighter note, sun is in heaven and its a lovely day. Our villa guests will be very happy as they tan their bodies in this beautiful heat!

Category: Cyprus Villas News