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21st January 2020

Good deed indeed!

While I was in the bank yesterday, I helped an older Cypriot couple to get out of the ”unfriendly” doors the bank has as a security system – only to watch them come back in and stand between the two doors where they were apparently, sheltering from the rain!

The bank was busy but I was surprised that, 20 minutes later, this couple were still there, each leaning on a walking stick and both quite distressed about waiting – and, no doubt, the weather.

The bank manager came to talk to them as I was leaving and I understood from the conversation that they were waiting for a lift back to Peyia but hadn’t called a taxi because it was raining and their son was in Nicosia! (Relevance of either statement was lost on me too!). So I offered to give them a lift home.

Of course, neither spoke English and my Cypriot is not great but the bank manager said he’d wait with them while I got my car . Pulling up as close as I could to the bank, the manager laughed and said the man didn’t want to go home, so he’d got someone else to give him a lift to Paphos but that the lady, who I estimate to have been in her 80s, would love a lift with me. He explained where she lived ie near the police station – and off we set.

She was very sweet and talked non stop for about 5 minutes then went quiet. As the police station approached, I asked her if we were at her home and she huffed but said nothing – so I drove on , only to realise she’d been asleep and when she woke, we were at the top of the hill, had passed her house and she wasn’t happy!

So I turned around and drove to our friendly tyre company, where Nikolas translated to me the address the old lady gave him – and I managed to get her safely  home, being gifted many hugs and kisses in the process, bless her!

This little episode was funny and the lady , lovely but it reminded me of a time I stopped to offer a lift to a very old Cypriot man who waved my car down. Once in the car, as I turned to get my seat belt, he tried to grab my boobs! Then cried when I smacked his hands, telling me that his wife had died 20 years ago etc etc. I had to evict him from my car, immediately!

So, I suppose I was lucky with the lady – though if she’d not woken up, who knows where we would have ended up!

Still, this is a place of kindness and concern, so if you’re thinking of coming to Peyia or Coral Bay, I’d recommend it but keep the address of your villa firmly in your mind should you blag a lift home from a bar or restaurant LOL!

for details on villas with clean pools, to rent for the Spring, Summer or Autumn months, email to – or flag me down outside the bank!