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1st January 2010

Going up a height!

Yvonne has had a terrible time with her car recently. Approx two weeks ago, this lovely little white MG Traveller, had a problem when the head gasket went.

After two weeks of waiting for a part, the mechanic then took a further 2 weeks to fit the part and Yvonne eventually got her car back yesterday.

Enjoying driving around in it, Yvonne decided to call to Chloraka garage, approx 20 mins from home, to ask the mechanic to look at her exhaust, which she thought was a little noisy. The car was duly put on the ramps, the hydralic ramp then lifted this elegant white motor up into the air – and the electricity was cut off across the area………….

That was 7pm last night and the fault still isn’t fixed. Yvonnes things are still in the car; Yvonne had to get a lift home from a friend and I’ve had to lend her my car today.

Still, at least she knows where it is and its safe!

Category: Cyprus Villas News