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6th February 2019

going for a swim!

We are so very lucky to have a high percentage of customers who return to our rental villas, year in year out.

Two of these came back today, where I had the great pleasure of meeting them and welcoming them to their chosen villa.

I love that they love this villa SO much: it’s their favourite villa and they always try to get in early to beat anyone else who may be interested in their dates!

Coming earlier than normal this year to have a slightly longer break, they were happy and excited when I checked them in – and especially excited when I showed them the clouds forming over the sea and explained that we had a ”severe weather warning” for the afternoon and evening!

I was worried they’d be upset! They couldn’t have been LESS upset! They were thrilled and decided to rush to Phillipos supermarket to get what they needed. So that they could come back,  pull up a chair in the lovely conservatory at the villa. And, watch the storm! They even laughed when I said we’d been pulling the garden furniture out of the pool, only hours before they arrived!

It’s all about attitude, isn’t it? A great, happy and positive attitude goes such a very long way! Weather will do its thing. But we’ll always do ours to ensure there is a VERY warm welcome, even in our ”winter months” when the 18 degrees temperature can drop and rains will follow!

Come and enjoy Cyprus. Rent a villa with private, clean pool, in Coral Bay or Peyia this Springtime. Email to See you soon!