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1st January 2010

Going for a song- three times in a row!

Yesterday, Alfie, Molly and Jake went for a pamper morning. We were a little worried about sending Jake, whose not been too well but he seemed to love the whole occasion and came with us and his furry family, for lunch with Tonys mum at a local taverna. Molly sat on my knee “smiling” at everyone and eating chips; Alfie strutted his stuff , as he does, wandering into the kitchen of Phidias taverna in Coral Bay, where he was fed extra bits and pieces.

Jake simply stayed by the table, chilled out, with one ear in the air and the other, folded by his eye – and he watched the whole occasion.

Having checked out guests from the beautiful villa in Coral Bay, Sulis, a little earlier, I think Jake was tired and ready for sleep. He certainly chose his night time spot early when we got home.

This morning, we’ve woken to not just one but three Jake “happy songs”. When he is happy, he gives out a gorgeous long howl song. I got the first one, when I gave him his first cuddle of the day; then he went to find Tony and sang to him – then he came back and sang the third verse to me. Lovely! He’s feeling better and thats totally wonderful.

Now, I could be wrong but I’m sure Alfie had his paws over his ears deliberately!…….

Category: Cyprus Villas News