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13th January 2016

Give a little whistle……

I need a RED kettle! Our old red kettle , has ‘given up’ and being as how this electric beauty was only 4 months old, I’m not too happy about it  so will return it to the shop and ask for my money back!

But they haven’t got any RED kettles in and I NEED ONE!

We had a kettle in black, as a spare but the white kettle in the office, ‘blew up’, as they do, so our spare one was donated to the office, where it’s merrily boiling away many times of the day.

So, we’re using a Cadburys purple kettle – which isn’t electric but I didn’t notice it when I bought it! I was going through my , ‘purple (or chocolate), phase’ and loved the colour. We haven’t used this kettle unless on the BBQ – and today I understood why…..

Perhaps the kettle is shy but it takes FOREVER to boil! When it boils, it does sing a very lovely whistle style song – but by then , I’ve normally given up and had another GnT or taken Tony a glass of water. This morning, however, I realised that this kettle could serve me well! As a Virgo, I’m organised and detailed and like things, ‘in the place’……I was waiting for the kettle to boil, (it was my turn to take the first cup of tea of the day upstairs to bed), when I suddenly realised I could use the time I was waiting, to prepare dinner. So I did! All vegetables prepared, meat marinated , dogs fed and even some polishing done – and still no whistle!

So I went for a shower and yes, you guessed it, got ‘whistled ‘ out before I’d even begun………

One thing for sure now: I don’t care what colour the next kettle is, as long as it’s electric and boils, unwatched, quietly and without ‘influencing’ an unnecessary workload brought about by the guilt of having ‘spare time’….

Each of the villas have electric kettles. Some are red too! (Now, there’s a thought!)! If you’d like to come and test them while you enjoy a sunshine holiday in a villa with a clean pool, email to me on I”ll reply straight away- and even add a little sugar to the deal with some great springtime offers!

The photo below is a painting of my favourite teapot ! As painted by David Smith!

photo spotty teapot