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1st January 2010

Girls on tour………..

Stand by your beds, ladies and gentleman: today is THE day when my most beautiful baby sister and her equally gorgeous daughter, arrive on this island. I’m so excited, I haven’t slept properly for days. Dogs are washed/house cleaned/ beds made and bathrooms cleaned- and its still hours till arrival time!

Luckily, we’ve a very busy day ahead with departures and arrivals from 11am to midnight, so I’m not going to have time to fret but, as I haven’t Steph and Ginny for a few years, I cannot wait to see their smiling faces coming out of the arrivals room. Knowing my (41 year old) baby sis, she’ll be dressed either all in pink or all in leopardskin, coming running out of the hall at 100 miles per hour shouting, “eeeeee, our Lynn”! There’ll be lots of tears (Steph and me) and Ginny, who is the most sensible and lovely teenager the world has ever borne, will be embarrassed by the two of us!

Still, it will be dark outside, so at least our mascara can run to its hearts content as we drive back to home in Peyia…….

Apologies now to all the lovely families who are arriving today: I know I’ll become a “sister bore” by the end of the day!

PS: Feline better:

The other GREAT news is that Charlie cat is on the mend. He’s just polished off a tin of tuna, cream and had his tabby kitten friend round to share some chicken too. He’s full of the joys of life today and wants to play out but I’m still a little nervous that he isn’t strong enough so am fighting him on this. Will see what the day brings- but he’s in “sick bay” here shouting to anyone who’ll listen, “Let me out, I want to go to Debbie (our lovely neighbour and Charlies pal)”.

Happy Sunday!

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