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16th July 2016

girls night in

Molly Mou and I had a lovely night in last night. Tony went to The Mill to ‘do’ the quiz with The Great Raymondoulou and Barney T Rubble, so we ‘girls’ snuggled up on the settee and watched the soaps.

Molly is almost 15 and is starting to show the signs of her years now. Where once she could jump up onto the settee , very easily, now she needs a gentle lift to place her on the cushions, where she happily chills out.

We’ve noticed that she is also going deaf and often seems to get a little fright when one of us walk up behind her and she’s obviously day dreaming and unaware of us coming up to her.

A very loving and sweet little dog, she is my furry angel and has , since the day she found us , over 13 years ago, been my ‘little shadow’ and great playmate. She loves ‘helping with housework’ and generally ‘being busy’. I’ve taught her to ‘sing’ to certain songs, though her timing isn’t good and she can do a mean ‘support’ to the Irish Dance! She is just brilliant.

As I watched her sleeping and listened to her snoring loudly, I sent out a prayer to the angels for them to always keep her safe and let her always be her. They are in big trouble when she crosses The Rainbow Bridge because she’ll be organising everyone – but mainly she’ll be looking out for her late big brother, Alfie dog, which gives me the strength to accept the horizon is a little cloudy at the moment.

Now, we are cherishing every moment of every day – but learning to stop a little more often for a nap: something I’m more than happy to share with my beautiful little doggy.

If you fancy a girls night in or a family ‘do’ here in a villa in Coral Bay, Cyprus, email to Molly and I on . There are some excellent deals in September on villas with great pools! Molly has checked them all out for us!

photo molly chilling