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3rd October 2020

Gift wrapped life.

It’s been a week of ”life happenings”, as each week is  – though some slip by almost gently as day to day life moves along then suddenly, life comes back into ”focus” and we have to rethink everything…..

Seeing photos of a gorgeous baby, born only 6 weeks ago and noting how he’s growing and how beautiful he is, was wonderful! Baby William! Precious. x Then hearing the sad news that a wonderful lady, mum of three talented and creative children whose energies have been inspired by their mum, has passed suddenly and far too early….. Spending time with one of the three children of our beautiful, late sister, Maxine and listening to this young man talk with such grace and acceptance about losing his Mum and understanding that it was a disease that took her – but telling me how much he misses her: just so very touching and sad….

Add day to day life, with a few holiday arrivals, each of them bringing their own stories, especially in this Covid touched world of ours and I’ve found some of the moments, quite overwhelming…

Was thinking this morning as I woke up and the day started to touch my fuddled brain, that there is a pattern and reason in all of this-  or that there must be. Maybe we’re not all trying hard enough to live naturally taking the lead from Mother Nature? Or maybe we’ve simply evolved on the planet to a point where intelligence is overshadowing gentleness and love? Or maybe it’s life: pure and simple. And we’re each affected by it/can benefit by it/can enjoy it/can be devastated by it. Answers of a post card HOWEVER

…my first thought on waking, following on from a conversation I had online with a very gracious lady, whose husband has only a few months to live now and who, at under 50, has chosen to come home to pass, is that , we’re all the same. I’ve always believed that that there is a much great love and presence than we can even imagine – and that we are each blessed with the opportunity to live, love and grow under our own steam while ”loved” by a great energy – but I’m not religious. I simply have faith.

Am I messed up? Maybe. Am I content? Definitely……

My thought was that the true beings we are, are ”gift wrapped” in human bodies and delivered to earth. The human side of us can grow and flourish , visibly to those around us and to ourselves. The spiritual and loving side, is not visible – though deeds can be.

And when the gift wrapping is torn, starts to crumble and disappears, the loving , real spiritual energy that we are, remains. Unseen as it’s always been but present all the same.

Life is a gift. That human life is wrapped in such strange packaging, is open for debate but real life is a gift.

But that’s my opinion! So maybe my packaging requires more attention than that which is visible! (So someone has a job on their hands!).

Be happy.

( Barney in his beautiful packaging, having eaten the packed the floor came in!

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