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1st January 2010

Getting the goat!

Charlie Cat was out again yesterday, rounding up the goats as they gently meandered up the hill……He was so funny: crouching down by a bush near a tree, he kept peering out and pretending to jump at the herd then settling back down again.

The goats couldn’t have cared less – well, except for one very large young brown goat who was curious to see who was stalking him, so he surprised Charlie by walking around behind him and nuzzling his back to see what he was. Tony and I watched as Charlie jumped, turned round and was nose to nose with this large plaything!

Screaming for his mummy or doggy brothers to come and save him, Charlie shot off down the hill at the speed of knots with the goat pottering slowly behind him…

I think it will be a long time before he does his herding duties again!

Category: Cyprus Villas News