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1st January 2010

Getting the chop!

I love people. Today, I’ve met one of the funniest people I’ve ever met in my life. She is a lady who is on holiday here and I met her in our wonderful local hairdressers.

Jaimi, whose business Cutz Above , caters for locals and tourists alike, was given the task by this lady of, and I quote:

“Curing the greatest challenge ever seen on a head”

” Not making (me) look like a seal”

” Put right the “fannied” out cut I gave myself whilst bending over the toilet ” (probably best not to ask but I did and she explained that her hair is curly and “fanned” out as she cut it, standing almost upside down…..

Then, the funniest thing was Jaimi asking if this wonderful character would like a fringe and her replying, “No, not really. I don’t look attractive with a fringe but everyone wants to give me one…….”

As expected, Jaimi did a stunning job: the lady looked gorgeous and she stepped out of the salon very proudly, ready to face the world whilst standing upright – and commented that she probably would still meet someone who would want to give her one……..

I’m still laughing and thank her SO much for allowing me to quote her! Happy days!

Category: Cyprus Villas News