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16th November 2019

Getting Plastered!

It was all going so well!

Tony has been doing a brilliant job of decorating our home, over the past few weeks. He started in our bedroom (!), so we’ve been sleeping in the lounge and enjoying amazing views! Then  bedroom completed after only a few million delays, he moved to the kitchen today….

The kitchen ceiling, ”gave way” in June last year – literally 2 hours before Aunty Carole and Uncle Mike arrived to housesit. Not the best of starts but they took this in their stride and enjoyed a great stay , thank goodness.

So today, while I was out on important business, having my roots done, Tony got stuck into the ceiling in the kitchen – and I have to say, has done an amazing job….

Of his Tshirt, neck, the kitchen floor and one work surface….

I digress: no, he has done a great job and the hole in the ceiling is now repaired and peace has been restored.

Well a piece of plaster which he had left and decided to use on the balcony ceiling, has been restored: onto my newly done roots! I dared to sit under this extra repair zone to read a book while Tony had a much deserved pint in The Mill – and the plaster fell off. Three times. In big lumps. So I’m covered in it. So is the chair. And the tiles . And the ants nest in the corner…..

Still, the kitchen ceiling is holding up – though I’ve moved our bed from under the initial repair up there, just in case something goes ”bump” in the night!

Saturdays may be for ”getting plastered” in The Mill but this wasn’t quite what I had in mind!

If you’d like to holiday safely in a villa which is maintained by qualified plasterers/painters and housekeepers, email to me for deals on 2020  sunshine: write to but be patient: I’m still trying to wash away the ceiling from my hair!


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