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12th March 2010

Getting Jakes goat

Tony was home first from work last night and rang me to tell me:
– the dogs were fine
– Charlie cat was fine
– the goat, sitting in the outside breakfast area, was fine………..

Which goat? The one who had fallen through the top of the pergola while eating our vine – and who was now stuck in the side garden, thankfully protected from the dogs by a wall and gate.
Jake put his bib on, got his bowl and knife and fork and waited…..

Tony rushed down the hill to get Andreas, the goatherd and his son. They were very pleased to see Tony and hear the news because it seemed our visitor was mummy goat to three little babies who were very distressed that they’ve lost their mummy!

One hour later, all well. Mummy and babied reunitied but Andreas forgot to close our gate, so Jake rushed off down the hill to checkout where they all live and he is currently sat in the lounge with a map, compass and torch , plus cutlery, ready for his next escapade to collect his spoils…………..

Im just hoping the goat family come back to visit us. Tony says they will, by way of chops and roast
which was a comment I didn’t appreciate at all…