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1st January 2010

getaway Jake

The gas man came today. Well, hes a man who delivers the gas and he can REALLY talk, so he is the gas man! Tony calls him Elvis though his name is Elton but figures both names are of famous men, so whats the problem?!

Anyway, I digress: Eltons candle in the wind was almost well and truly blown out when he left the gate open and let Jake escape up the hill. “Isnt he cute”, he said….. “No”, I answered, “He is running away and wont come back, is what he is”……

I climbed the hillside to look for Jake but he was nowhere to be seen. I looked down into the ravine and was very scared in case I saw Jake there: its steep and dangerous – but he wasnt to be seen.

By now, I was panicking and seeing the loss of Jake in my minds eye; shedding tears etc – and then I heard Tony shout from the top of the hill, where he’d driven to try to find him, “Hes here, in the car”.

“But I cannot see his head hanging out of the back of the car” (as he does).

“No, you won’t”, Tony said, “He’s jumped in the drivers seat and is waiting for me”………

Thankfully, Tony had the keys and the car was on a flat piece of road!

Category: Cyprus Villas News