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1st January 2010

Get behind me , Shortbread!

There is a new demon in the village of Peyia which is calling on our villa holiday guests in Peyia and Coral Bay, as well as we unsuspecting locals. …

We innocently drive past the spot where a huge new bakery has sprung up and almost by magic, the car stops, legs take you to the inner echalons of this beautiful smelling place – and a selection of everything from pastries to cakes, fresh bread to fresh pasta, fall into a bag which is given to you in exchange for a little moula! Its just too easy!!

Now I don’t mind and really enjoy the purchases but tummy number 3 is starting to get a little upset as its being overshadowed by number 2 and a very active , number one tummy! I try to keep them all under control but a mix of the heat, some white wine and relaxation, just gives them their own energy and off they go to “play”…..

Am not the only one. Svelte like people who used to call into the office are not gingerly stepping sideways in through the door , trying hard not to let their generous hips touch the framework.

Tony is being accosted by everything from scotch eggs to homemade quiche, which he scoffs as he buys our butties for lunch – then comes to the office and eats the butties!! Its terrible!!

I’ve tried to take a different route but its no good: the Peyia main road, Michalakis Kyprianou, is the only route to do – and this local place needs our commercial support, so its best we stop and buy……….maybe. At this rate, we’ll keep the local clothes retailers in business too!!

Yum , yum!

Category: Cyprus Villas News