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1st January 2010

Get a grip, girl!

With sincere apologies to the holidaymaker in question, I have to share this very funny story with you: it has totally made my day! (And someone elses ….more below!).

One of our holiday guests staying in a villa in Peyia, asked if we’d be good enough to show her and her friends around the area/ recommend places/introduce to people etc, which we are always very happy to do.

As The Jail pub is one of our favourites, being our local and also being a totally lovely,, welcoming establishment, we had to go there…….so we did!

The holidaymaker loved it so much, she and her friends went back every evening and were quickly on first name terms with the locals and the handsome, single owner of the bar.

On their last night, said holidaymakers went to say their goodbyes over a few (bottles of!) wine and were leaving when the guest in question was struggling to put her jacket on. With one arm in her jacket , the jacket was lifted from behind by a “friendly local” who, for his sins, found the holiday maker reach down and try to grab the sleeve of the jacket – only to find she had inadvertently, erm , grabbed the helpful man instead……….He coughed, asked her to “slow down a little” – and she turned and ran from the bar in shock, one arm still hanging down jacketless!

The footnote is that the local now regularly stands by the door of The Jail in Peyia, offering to help damsels in distress (though he prefers “dat jacket!”) – and the guest will never live it down!

Armless fun, we reckon!

Category: Cyprus Villas News