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19th April 2019

A gentle little lamb…….

Sometimes, things happen in day to day life, which simply take your breath away. A moment when the impact of what you are seeing or hearing , has a huge effect on you – and that is certainly what happened to me early evening yesterday…..

Tony and I had gone into Paphos, to The Mall, to pick up some bits and pieces that we need. Anyone who knows me, knows I HATE shopping with a vengeance – except shopping for fresh flowers, which is my passion and makes me so very happy!

Anyway, I was a little grumpy, a little out of sorts and a little in the ”way” of being difficult because I did NOT want to be in The Mall. Tony is used to me and simply humours me and bribed me with dinner, so that was okay – but when he grabbed me and turned me around suddenly outside yet another shop, I almost ”decked him” – until I realised he was pulling me back to say hello to a friend of ours whom we hadn’t seem for a few years.

I was so taken aback. Our friend and his wife, were there with the most beautiful baby boy in his pushchair. Aged about 13 months, this little boy was a vision: stunning large brown eyes, gorgeous curly hair and the happiest of smiles….. I had to have a cuddle, so our friend lifted him out of his pushchair and , while I was snuggling this little lamb , our friend explained to us both that this precious boy had been found, next to the blown up bodies of his parents, in Syria , approx. 6 months earlier….

He was lucky: he had only cuts and bruises and seemed to have been saved by falling onto a soft landing – but his family were gone. Our friend , along with many of his friends, were part of a huge group of people who were adopting orphans like the one in my arms……

I am both heartbroken for and delighted for this pure soul: he couldn’t be with better people now and is obviously so very loved – but what a terrible ordeal and what a price to pay for happiness ……..

We are so cosseted, aren’t we? Reading about tragedy, watching the news, hearing the debates but it’s not real – until it’s VERY real and this little boy is a living example of outcome……

I didn’t want to put him down, just wanted to keep tight hold of him forever and keep him safe but I know his new, loving parents will do that and be at his side every step of what I hope is his long and healthy/happy life.

There is so very much good in the world. Let’s hope it wins out.

(Wanted to put a happy photo here now, just to lighten the mood!).