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20th September 2015

Gay Wall, Latchi

We spent a lovely afternoon, yesterday, in Latchi enjoying the September sunshine and having a picnic on a boat (in the harbour! not out at sea – great fun!).

As we relaxed, many of the harbour cats, who live happily on the harbour, being well fed by the restaurant owners and diners, came to ‘talk to us’. Two simply sat on the wall and stared. They seemed quite content just passing the day away!

The wall on the harbour is known locally as, ‘Gay Wall’, something which stuck because most of the owners of boats there, are male and go out in twos! Very cheeky and probably totally unreasonable (though even if true, it doesn’t matter) – but we thought these two cats represented the area well!

Gay? They were VERY happy!

Come to Coral Bay or Peyia and visit Latchi to.

photo gay wall