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1st January 2010

Garden listening!

Its Ascension Day so businesses are closed, cars are parked up at home and no-one seems to be hurrying anywhere. The whole village of Peyia, stretching into Coral Bay, seems peaceful and calm

I’ve been sat on The Thinking Step for the past cople of hours. I couldn’t sleep coz Jake wasn’t too well and kept falling over things in our bedroom, so i thought it best to get up, get a cuppa and welcome the day.

What I hadn’t realised until this past hour, is how vocal the garden is! The flies are buzzing around, the lizards rustling through the leaves, birds are singing, Charlie Cat and Stotts are ‘singing ‘ to each other menacingly and in the distance, a helicopter is adding to the ambience

Take Mollys grumbling and Jakes passing wind VERY loudly and the moment could be very musical – though I suppose every orchestra needs a wind section!

Category: Cyprus Villas News