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1st January 2010

Game , set and match!

Okay, I give in: wasn;t going to tell you the latest but have had so many emails, I felt I should……

So Mum got her new hip yesterday and had a tough day in intensive care but was very brave. Tony, who has been complaining about his elbow while all around him are either hospitalised or on medicine/in plaster, eventually starred in his own medical drama yesterday and got his elbow xrayed – and it is dislocated but has popped back in, trapping tendons and making it painful…… apparently a bit like tennis elbow.

Todays good news is that Mum is back in her room and is a little brighter but has a long haul ahead…… Jim, my step father, visited mum with me – and was promptly admitted due to the fact his eyes look like they are bleeding and he was very disorientated. Many tests and some hours later, Jim and I are home; Tony has a bandage on his arm; Mum is still in her room and Jim has to go to another hospital here tomorrow for more tests and to see a specialist.

I’m drinking a VERY LARGE gin n tonic

With my good arm!……………………………

ps As a would be marketeer, I;ve suggested to one of the many hospitals we frequent that a “Family Frequent Treatment” scheme could be great eg visit 8 times, with purchase of drugs and get a free pillow……….. I suspect they are more interested in the “same familly familiarity plan: see too much of them and get them deported ASAP!!”

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