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1st January 2010

Furry talent? oh dear…..

I’ve a bone to pick with the viewers of BGT in the UK! Dont get me wrong, Ashleigh and Pudsey are fantastic but, unfortunately for me, Alfie, Molly , Jake and Charlie watched the show while I was checking in guests to the beautiful villa Garlands in Coral Bay – and when I got home, this furry foursome were “practising” their showstopping performance ready for BGT 2013!

Molly, who is already a diva without needing any encouragement, can do a mean Irish Dance though her timing to the chorus of “how much is that doggy in the window”, is a little suspect. Alfie does a fab Basil Brush impression; Charlie acts like a dog and Jake walks around on his immense back legs, washing dishes and unstacking the dishwasher, so they’ve got their own “thing”. Watching them trying to co-ordinate their talents into something more cohesive, was more than I could bear at 11pm last night…

We need an agent. And a dog voice coach. And a Cat-illac to put them all in. Oh, and I’ll need a new dress -and Tony wants a new identity if we even DREAM of going ahead with all of this.

Twosheds, where are you when I need some encouragement and inspiration? …….

Category: Cyprus Villas News