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2nd December 2016

The Furry Gang’s Friday night in!

So, it’s a little chilly today. The temperature has dropped to 16 degrees from mid 20s and we’ve had a few days of majestic thunder storms and lashing rain! We’ve loved it! Well, apart from Barney T Rubble who didn’t understand what was happening so sat out in the rain until the weight of the water finally got through his coat and he had to come in!

Tony is off to be a Bar Fly at the weekly quiz in The Mill, where he will partner The Great Raymondodoulou and Empathetic Eddie – and probably come a’, ”we were robbed”, second (they’ve gone off the boil recently!). The furry gang and I are staying home. The fire is on; the Chrismas lights are on; I’ve had curry and chips and Barney has had chicken and biscuits, then a few of Tony’s chips, while Molly has simply had chicken, then more chicken, then a bit of Barney’s chicken!

Molly is wearing a Christmas sweater and is snuggled into a blanket in front of the fire. Barney is ”draft bathing”, in front of the closed front door. I’ve just poured a (large) glass of wine and we’re about to choose a movie. I fancy romance but I suspect the gang will want something interesting, like 101 Dalmations or Cats and Dogs!

We’ve got time to answer enquiries about holiday villas in Coral Bay and Peyia, for 2017 sunshine, so please email to us if you’d like to book early. I’ve got the computer in front of the fire, so it’s no hardship at all – though Molly is trying to sit on the keys! Talk to us both on

Bring on the weekend!


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