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10th April 2014

Furry friends sharing your Cyprus holiday!

Cyprus is famous for its many stray cats. Most live happily next to restaurants which their families claimed many years ago and from where the generations of cats who belong in the neighbourhood, get fed well, regularly.

Some are ‘dustbin’ cats , preferring the freedom of doing their own thing and not being beholden to anyone – though they know how to perform for the locals so they get treats!

In many of the holiday villas, there are cats who ‘choose’ their villa and hang around there, particularly when the villa is occupied and they know that they’ll get fed well. Often, these cats are cheeky and bring their relatives/babies and friends to ‘party’ when the guests have slept. There has been many a checkup where I’ve been surrounded by cheeky cats – and watched cautiously by the ones who are more shy.

I know some people don’t like cats – and that’s fine: its easy to avoid them. Many people love them too – and have been known to invest in a flight ticket home for the cats, when the holiday has ended and they cannot bear to leave them!

Holidays in our rental villas can be purrfect – from every aspect! Email me on to find out more about our furry friends!