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1st January 2010

Furniture deliveries and thunder

What a busy day and night we’ve had: Charly began to take deliveries of furniture for villa Lily-May yesterday, so we all took time to be at the villa or be co-ordinating the next delivery – and things went well

Having had a quiet night in, the three of us were shattered when we eventually hit our “respective” beds – and God began to “move furniture around” in the skies!

What a storm we had! Totally majestic and VERY loud! Coral Bay was lit up from Peyia, with lightning illuminating villas, coastline and bars alike – and it all looked gorgeous!

The rain belted down for hours – and we could almost hear the reservoirs saying “thank you” , as their contents began to swell again, replacing that stolen by the long and unforgiving summer sun and holidaymaker demands.

So now its morning – the sun is out and warm; the clouds are sitting around ready to “do their thing” and, out to sea, there are the first signs of the next storm making its way across the heavens to shower us all again!


And its 24 degrees!

Category: Cyprus Villas News