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1st January 2010

Funny? I don’t think so

The Great Raymondodoulou is in stitches. No, we didn’t tell him any bad jokes like he is constantly telling us: the poor man has had to have some dental treatment which sounds like its been awful and now his gums are all sewn up.

Don’t get us wrong: he’s being very brave and is proudly offering “tours of the mouth” to anyone with a strong stomach and desire to see cavernous holes but we still feel for him.

I’ve invited The Great Raymondodoulou and Susie F for lunch tomorrow. They think its a traditional roast but its more of a traditional milk pudding, coz that seems like all TGR can eat!

I’m in stitches just thinking how disappointed they’ll both be but am sure an industrial G n T will sort out the situation

Hope you get better soon, Raymondodoulou – and that you’re gums heal xx

Category: Cyprus Villas News