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1st January 2010

Fruity doctors?…..

The wrinklies are slowly settling back into life in the UK though not without problems . My Mum loves her new house – and Jim thinks he’s in Canada and is packing every morning for his “move back to UK”….

Yesterday, the local authority sent the necessary medical personnel who are required to assess people who are showing any signs of mental fatigue. Interestingly, they only assessed James and left my Mum alone…

Mum rang last night to tell me that:

“Darling, Dr Sexysatsuma was here asking James what season it was and if he’d help them in a research project. James got very annoyed and said he was too old to go back to work and didn’t know how to do research anyway! The doctor explained that they would do the work and Jim was simply the subject matter – and Jim said, “Hello, who are you and is this your house?”………”

Mum is a little strained. Jamesy is totally mixed up bless him and , while the doctor may have a fruity sounding name, I think my parents wrinklies are totally bananas………..

No wonder I drink!!

Category: Cyprus Villas News