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1st January 2010


I spent arrivals day yesterday, trying to fathom out why the world smelt of pomegranite! Everywhere I went, from Villa to Villa in Coral Bay, the world was fragrant with pomegranite!

I checked in 12 families, checked out 4 in Peyia and 3 more from villas in Coral Bay and still the fragrance persisted.

Then I remembered that there is a thought that spirits bring “fragrance” around you to let you know that they are there – but I don’t recall any loved one with a love of any sort of fruit.

Was sharing this thought with my very black and white and basic husband, who promptly told me I was barking mad and the only spirit I’d smell of would be brandy – which was very helpful if not a little exaggerated! (I’ve only had one glass of brandy in this past week: it was large but not THAT large!)

Getting ready today, I reached for my new summer perfume and realised it was ME who was fragrant with fruit, thanks to Escadas new “happy summer” perfume!

Its lovely – but it makes me hungry – for chocolate though, not fruit. Either I, or the fragrance, have crazy undertones. Tonys opinion can stay in his head!

Category: Cyprus Villas News