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15th September 2015

Fruit, veg – or just total nut? …..

Oh, I love Emma SOOO much! She is like the ‘angel of customer care’ – and on a good day, invincible! (Only joking: she’s like this every day!).

Anyway, as well as being so very wonderful to work with, she is mainly a fantastic mummy to Charlie (7) and Daisy, (4). With schools here going back to the new term, yesterday, Emma is having to get to grips with the joys of homework – in Greek – and to working with her friend , Charlotte, who is helping to translate any notes which the school send home with Charlie.

She’s had a baptism of fire: Charlie came home yesterday with homework and a letter from the teacher which Emma could see meant that he had to take something to school on Friday. Skyping Charlotte, who is working away this week, they both agreed what Charlie needed  and , with his homework done, Emma went to bed happy.

Today, dropping her gorgeous son off at school, Emma proudly went to see his teacher and assured her that Charlie would not only bring his 5 tomatoes to school on Friday, he would bring home -grown tomatoes! The teacher smiled , staring curiously at Emma and said, “Oh but please don’t forget the 5 covers for his school books which we asked for on the note, will you?”……..

You say ‘Tomaato”, I say , “school book covers”…………………oh how I laughed!

If you’d like to give Emma something to think about/translate, email to her on She may not know her Greek but she knows her holiday villas and their value!

Photo below of Emma and Daisy  in Latchi – without tomatoes!

photo Emma and Daisy