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10th December 2014

Frozen – or not, thanks to Barney’s friend!

photo let me inThe fridge freezer broke down this morning – two days after we’d run it down, so we could refill it with the Christmas meat and goodies we need to cook for our friends here at home on Christmas Day. I think its called ‘Murphys Law’.

Christos, our trusted and completely wonderful electrician/superman, came immediately to try to help me. Luckily, he brought George , his associate with him because the problem was greater than we thought and I couldn’t have helped.

You may recall that Barney T Rubble was ‘playing ‘ with a carob tree rat in our lounge a few nights ago and that we thought we’d ‘encouraged’ it on its way? Turns out, this is not the case. The carob rat and his partner, have moved into the fridge freezer, having gained access through the electrical wire/air vent and have been enjoying a meal of much festive cheer, accompanied by the odd electrical spark to brighten their dinner parties!

So the fridge freezer is no more, the contents, thrown away and Barney is in the dog house, as is his big brother Charlie Cat, who has obviously been shirking his duties and letting any old thing into the house – though I suspect this is because we brought Barney in!

A new fridge freezer is on its way. Its now our pressie for Christmas to each other – for the next 3 years!

If you’d like to come and meet Barney and the furry gang and discuss the habitat of cute little blighters known as carob tree rats, please email to me on Apparently, this is our comeuppance for living on the hillside surrounded by carob trees! Deep joy!

The photo above shows Barney locked out of the kitchen and the one below, shows Charlie wanting to ‘help’.

photo 1 charlie close up